65-year-old Manik came to meet the Prime Minister by boat from Sandwip

65-year-old Mohammad Manik appeared at the polo ground in Chittagong early in the morning hoping to see Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina directly. He came from Sandeep on a special ship launched on the occasion of public meeting.

Mohammad Manik was in exile for a long time in search of livelihood. He came to the country five years ago and settled down. During this time there was no public meeting of the Prime Minister in Chittagong. Therefore, the desire to see the Awami League leader was not fulfilled.

Finally today that wish is being fulfilled said Manik. Talked to him in front of the entrance gate of the polo ground at 9 o’clock in the morning.

Manik said, “Everyone in our family is Awami League.” How many days did you want to see Bangabandhu’s daughter? But being abroad it was not possible. I was very sorry for this. Now the leader is coming. The body is not good. Still everyone is coming to the city by ship to see him (Prime Minister). Today is very happy.

Mohammad Manik expressed his gratitude that the current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made a lot of progress for Sandwip.

60-year-old sitting next to Manik. Zafar Islam said that many development projects have been implemented for Sandwip. But another development is very important. That is the ferry development. The people of Sandwip are in a lot of trouble with the ferry. Once this is done the development of Sandwip will be complete. They will have no more worries.

Not only Mohammad Manik or Zafar Islam, many of them have come to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s public meeting. After almost 11 years, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will address the public meeting of Awami League at the polo ground in Chittagong city. Awami League leaders and supporters of Chittagong are very enthusiastic about this. From morning, the leaders and workers entered the public meeting premises with festoons, playing music, marching.

Muhammad Ali appeared in the public meeting with a small boat on his head and red and green clothes on his body. This resident of Shariatpur lives in Dhaka. However, he said that he ran to the place where Sheikh Hasina’s public meeting was held.

Azizur Rahman came from Faujdarhat in Sitakunda, Chittagong. He said that the Prime Minister is coming to Chittagong after many days. So he came to the polo ground to have a look. They came to the meeting in groups from the area.

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