BNP will tell how to oust the government on December 10: Gayeshwar Chandra

Gayeshwar Chandra Roy, a member of the party’s standing committee, said that the BNP will inform about how to oust the Awami League government at its central assembly in Dhaka on December 10. He made this comment at a discussion meeting on the occasion of ‘National Revolution and Solidarity Day’ on November 7 at the National Press Club on Tuesday.

Gayeshwar Chandra asked what will happen at the BNP rally on December 10 and said, “I will tell you how you will be expelled on December 10.” One point will be informed, how to go, non-partisan neutral government etc. The gathering of Dhaka city cannot be stopped on December 10.

This member of the BNP Standing Committee said that seven rallies of BNP have been held across the country so far in the meeting organized by the Bangladesh Nationalist Fishermen’s Party.

Awami League has spent 10 times more than the money spent by BNP to stop these rallies. And they were accompanied by Petwa army and police force. BNP will bring democracy back to the democratic process. There will be a rally in Dhaka, if possible, this government should take everyone to jail on that day. There is no profit in strike-blockade.

The former minister said that November 7, 1975 can be said to be the birth of multi-party democracy. Whenever multi-party democracy suffers, Ziaur Rahman’s name will be remembered. Awami League never talks about their misdeeds during the period from 1971 to 1975. The defeated forces of November 7 are in power today. This Awami League government has started murders, disappearances and gun battles.

Gayeshwar Chandra also said, “The police are telling us that you cannot come to the procession with sticks. Then you (police) also leave your wooden guns in the police station. Let the Awami League keep the ax. Come and fight with empty hands. Let the fight be equal. Awami League will bring ramda-axe. The police will bring guns. Do we not have the right to live? I have the right to live in the constitution. I have to do something to survive myself.

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