Paribahan Owners Association sent a 10-point letter to the Rajshahi Divisional Commissioner

The Divisional Transport Owners Association has announced a strike in Rajshahi Division from December 1 to demand 10 points, including stopping the movement of illegal vehicles including Nachiman, Karimon, Bhatavti from the highway.

After making this announcement in Natore on Saturday afternoon, the leaders of the association gave a letter containing 10 points of demand to the Rajshahi Divisional Commissioner on Sunday afternoon.

Rajshahi divisional BNP mass meeting will be held on December 3. On this occasion, BNP leaders and workers will arrive from different districts of Rajshahi division.

According to BNP leaders, this transport strike has been called to prevent leaders and workers from coming to the rally. However, the leaders of the Transport Owners Association say that this is part of their continuous movement.

Rajshahi Divisional Road Transport Owners Association President Safkat Manjur told Prothom Alo on Sunday night that he has sent a letter containing 10 points of demand to the Rajshahi Divisional Commissioner this afternoon. As it was afternoon, the Divisional Commissioner was not in the office at that time. Later arrangements were made to deliver the letter to him.

Safqat Manzoor also said that today they have sent letters to 13 owner associations of Rajshahi division. The societies will give their demands to the District Commissioner, Superintendent of Police, Chamber of Commerce, BRTA officials as soon as they receive the letter. If the demand is not met, an indefinite transport strike will be called from December 1.
When Rajshahi Divisional Commissioner GSM Zafarullah was called to talk about this, he did not pick up.

The 10-point demands of the Transport Owners Association are that the Road Transport Act-2018 should be amended, three-wheelers (Nachimon, Karimon, Bhatvti, CNG and battery-powered auto-rickshaws etc.) should be stopped on highways or regional highways in violation of the High Court’s order, fuel oil and spare parts should be banned. The prices should be reduced, the tax paid during the period of non-movement due to Corona should be waived, the abnormal increase in all types of government dues (tax-token, fitness) should be stopped, the various complications related to drivers’ driving licenses should be resolved, all the transport documents should be updated. Even if it is correct, all kinds of police harassment must be stopped, BRTC movement must be stopped at the upazila level, haat-bazaar cannot be organized or operated on highways and ongoing haat-bazar must be evacuated immediately, parking must be arranged for passenger pick-up and drop-off and in every district Construction of truck terminals and truck overloading should be stopped.

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